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We The Maruti Plastotech Prime Manufacturer & Exporter of Online/Offline Ring Twister Machine in India/Gujarat. One Of The Best Manufacturer & Supplier Of Online/Offline Ring Twister Machine All Over The World.

Key Features
Touch screen display with PLC system
Twist type and RPM can be controlled by touch screen display
Timing belt is used for transmission of power
AC frequency drive is used
By using touch screen display, adjustment of winding tension can be done
High production and efficiency with easy operation and less time
Quality of twisting is very high and Counter balancing is uniform
Less noisy and consumption of power is less
Speed of machine is high and precision is more
The heavy duty structure is used with complete powder coated
High quality with very easy operation and High speed machine
Thread Traversing : Fixed on cross rail
Separator : Full length separator made from Stainless Steel
Spindle : Heavy duty dynamically balanced with suitable high inserts
Rings & Lubrication : S.L. Ring mounted on aluminum ring holder cotinnuously provided with lubricating oil

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  • [email protected]
  • +91 7211119911
  • Nh751, 364003, Chitra Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Bhavnagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

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